Speech Language Pathologist – What does a Speech Pathologist Do?

What does a speech pathologist do? Well, we are going to find out through this article. But generally, there are many things that this professional does. Their basic job is to assess, prevent, treat, and diagnose any disorder related to swallowing, communicating, language, and social communication that occur on both kids and adults.

Speech pathologist definition

About the speech pathology

What does a speech pathologist do? We better get a closer look of each disorder.

The disorder of speech happen when an individual has the difficulty to produce the sounds of speech correctly or event fluently. Sometimes it is also a problem with the voice or the resonance.

Meanwhile, the language disorder could occur when the patient has issues on understanding other’s receptive language and expressive language. It can be spoken and written and sometimes it also involves the use, content, and form of language in appropriate ways.

The social communication disorder occurs when an individual has issues with the social use of communication both verbal and non-verbal kinds. Commonly, this disorder is found in a patient with certain condition like traumatic brain injury.

Disorder of cognitive communication is a problem with organizing thoughts, planning, remembering, paying attention, and also problem solving. Commonly, this is the result of certain illness like dementia, traumatic brain injury, and stroke. However, it can be congenital.

Swallowing disorder is also known as dysphagia. It makes the patient has difficulty to swallow and feed. This condition may lead to illness, injury, surgery, and stroke.

After knowing these conditions above, the speech language pathologist will offer some additional services. They will provide the aural rehabilitation for patients with condition like hard or hearing or deaf. Pathologist will also provide the AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) system for patients with severe disorder on expressive or language comprehension.

If necessary, a pathologist will also work with people who just want to communicate better with individuals who suffer those disorders.

Employment setting

The good news is the SLPs could work in education, research, and health care fields with various roles, client populations, and responsibilities. The demand for SLP service is very high ranging from part-time, full-time, up to “as needed” work. It makes good opportunity for you who want to be a speech pathologist in the future.

In some places, the speech pathologist also works with other parties for collaboration basis, team of interdisciplinary, and many more. Other parties may include rehabilitation counselor, physics and occupational therapist, social worker, psychologist, audiologist, physician, and also teachers.

Education requirements

If you want to be a licensed and registered speech language pathologist then it is important to finish the degree, complete the clinical work successfully, and also pass the national test held by the institution in charge. Besides, if you want to have private practice, doing research or becoming a lecturer then you may need to graduate with PhD.

The license of being a pathologist can be gained by graduating from master’s degree and completing the supervised clinical job during the master’s degree year. It will assure that the student experience has met the national standard. And this is the end of “what does a pathologist do“.