Vanderbilt Speech Pathology: the Best Place to Study Speech Pathology

Vanderbilt Speech Pathology has gained its popularity as a well reputed speech pathology center to help both children and adult to improve not only their speech but also speaking skills. The speech center is highly respected by pathology’s communities and practitioners in United States due to its excellent track records. Supported by experienced and skillful staffs, this pathology speech center has helped a lot of people with communication disorders in US to enhance their ability in speaking.

The Vanderbilt Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences’ Specialty Tracks

The Speech Pathology of Vanderbilt University has a special department for students who want to pursue career as a pathologist. The Vanderbilt Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences has resulted a lot of skillful pathologists for over years. There are some specialty tracks in Speech – Language Pathology that the students can apply.

1. Early Education and Management of Children with Hearing Loss

This specialty track is especially addressed to students who want to learn about the early education and management for children with hearing problems. The students will get practicum experiences and additional coursework. Those special programs are aimed to prepare the students so they will be ready to work with infants or young children with hearing loss. To ensure that the students are educated properly, this Vanderbilt and Management of Children with Hearing Loss combines the core courses with audiology, speech – language pathology, and deaf education students.

2. Schools Specialty Track

The Vanderbilt Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences also has specialty track for students who want to work in schools with children ages 3 up to adults of 21 years old. The speech language pathology of Vanderbilt offers special curriculum so the students will have specialization in school speech – language pathology.

3. Voice Specialty Track

The third specialty track offered by Vanderbilt Department of Hearing and Speech Science is the Voice Specialty Track. This is a very special program that the students who want to apply for it should have undergraduate background in speech language pathology. In addition, the applicants should also have demonstrated their skills to manage clinical managements and course works on standard curriculum of MS-SLP.

How to Apply for the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences of Vanderbilt University

To apply for the Vanderbilt Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences students must submit a personal statement telling their experiences, research interests, and their intention to apply for the department. This is an important part of the application that the students have to make it seriously and honestly. The personal statement should not less than one page with 1.5 pages in maximum. The applicants should also send official transcript to the committee.

The transcript should be sent from the applicants’ institutions directly to the Vanderbilt University so it will be admitted official. Letters of recommendation from at least three people about the applicants’ accomplishments and ability are also needed. The letters of recommendation can be written by teaching assistants or supervisors. Last but not least, the applicants of the Vanderbilt Speech Pathology will be scheduled to have interview with a special committee for the admission decision.