Ut Dallas Speech Pathology Master’s Degree

UT Dallas Speech Pathology provides the master degree program for speech language pathologist students. The master degree program in UT Dallas is designed for students that prepare for professional practice in speech language pathology field. This master degree is under the UT Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorder. This Callier Center has known internationally with its service of clinical and research service, wide array clinical and medical and educational facilities.

In this collar center, student also will learn and participate in child language development and disorder, bilingualism, autism, speech production, and neurobiology system from speech. The educational program that required in speech pathology is available at master and doctoral degree. Based on U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the master degree graduation in speech pathology becomes the most common degree in this field and this also become the minimum requirement for those who want to obtain the professional certification and state licensure.

How to earning master’s degree of speech language pathologist? In general, it will take 2 years for complete the master’s degree education and this includes the practicum that spends up 4000 hours of supervised clinical experience. Students that earn bachelor degree in speech language pathologist program are also able to complete the master program in less than 2 years. For the master degree in speech pathology, the curriculum will include the courses in articulatory and acoustic, speech system in anatomy and physiology, production of speech and perception, and the research methodology.

The student will learn how to treat a patient with speech disorder by understanding the physical, neurological, and cognitive factors that includes in a case. The courses are also included the specific conditions that able to lead to communication disorder such as dysphagia (a condition that causes swallowing problem), aphasia (condition that due to brain damage) and dysarthria (condition of motor disorder that caused because slurred speech). For more information read on http://www.geneticict.com/best-colleges-speech-pathology-us/

To admit in master degree in this program, then the applicant need to apply first. The review from Grade Point Average (GPA) recommendation that consider of three recommendations, scores from the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and the essay that describes the specific interest from the applicants and the career goals that applicant states in “statement of purposes”. The financial aid is also available for those who apply this master’s degree program in UT Dallas. The financial aid is limited and awarded with competitive students that have admitted to the education.

Students that planning to attend the graduate school in speech language pathology should pay attention to clinical certification that ask by American Speech Language and hearing Association. This association tells that students that attend this degree should complete at least one course from the following subject areas such as biological science (neurosciences and biology), behavioral science, and physical sciences. The completion of these courses is due to the application to the speech pathology. The field of speech language pathologist is able to combine with psychology, neuroscience and the child learning and development that related tight to this major degree. Visit the UT Dallas Speech Pathologyfor clear and complete review before considering to apply the master degree.