Universities Which Offer Online Programs of Master Degree In Speech Pathology

In common, learning process is something that requires a direct interaction or communication. So, it will be impossible if we do not have a face to face interaction. But, in this globalization era, we can utilize technology to take the role of direct interaction or communication without having a meeting. It is like the topic that we are going to share with you. Here, there are Online Masters In Speech Pathologywhich are offered by some great universities. So, if you have another necessity or you are working, you can take the study which is given through online media.
1. East Carolina University
This is a university which has become the third largest university in the North Carolina. Similar to Western Kentucky University, this university is also accredited by the same institution. Here, there are some health sciences campus, such as nursing college, dental, medical school, medical school, and health sciences college, which are included in the East Carolina University. The communication sciences program which available at this university, is made for master degree. The credit, which you will take if you choose online program will be approximately 54 – 60 credit hours. This includes researching, theories, and seminars.
2. James Madison University
Located in Virginia – precisely in Harrisonburg, James Madison University has become one of the great universities which offer online program for speech language pathology. Here, this university is also considered as the university which place second number in Master degree majors. If you want to know about the ratio of student to the faculty, it is pretty good – which is 16 : 1. For the speech language pathology, this university requires prerequisite course materials. This means, participants who want to study here must complete a 4 to 6 week placement in Harrisonburg campus. In addition, the programs which are given, such as language disorders, communication disorders, etc.
3. New York University
Who doesn’t know this university? Here, this NYU also offers you online programs of speech language pathology. So, those who do not live in New York or work in a different city, can join online programs which are offered by the NYU. Here, the credit hours, which will be taken are 48 hours – which can be chosen whether it is part time or full time. Besides, you need to participate in 5 different practicum in this university. For the cost of credit hour which is demanded, this NYU may will charge you with a pricey cost – $1,596. But, you don’t need to be worried about the quality which will be given to you.
4. Longwood University
Perhaps, this university offers you different services. Why? Because Longwood gives Post-Bach Programs. But, the major is same – which is speech language pathology. Here, you can go to the Longwood University to get your Major degree through online programs. Yup, Online Masters In Speech Pathology which are given by this university include language, hearing, morphology, anatomy, syntax, and others. The cost which is offered to you is pretty cheap, you only need to pay $350 for each credit hour. For more information, read at http://www.geneticict.com/online-speech-language-pathology-programs/