Understanding the Speech Pathology Prerequisites

Understanding the speech pathology prerequisites is an essential step when you want to become a professional speech-language pathologist. One of the greatest requirements of becoming a professional speech-language pathologist is to have an educational degree.

Speech Pathology Prerequisites Information

Many universities have speech pathology programs, mostly in their Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. If you really want to be a professional pathologist, you need that degree. Beside of that, you need to understand the speech pathology prerequisites so that you will know what you are dealing with throughout the entire college years. Below is the further information for you related to the prerequisites of the speech pathology program.

1. The Requirements of the General Coursework

One university is certainly different from another, including in their coursework policy. However, in the speech pathology program, most of the general coursework requirements are mostly the same. These courses below must be taken by a student if they want to earn the degree. The completion of the courses must be followed with a grade of B- or better. Below are the courses that are mandatory:

• Biological Science. Since the speech pathology program is never apart from human anatomy, physiology, and neuroanatomy science, a student that wants to have a degree of speech pathology needs to understand well about this field as well. That is why in order to get the degree, they need to complete at least one course in the Biological Sciences.

• Physical Sciences. Knowing well about physics and chemistry is important for someone planning to be professional therapists for people who need help improving their speech. That is why completing one course in Physical Sciences is mandatory for those who want the degree in speech pathology program.

• Statistics. Being a pathologist and therapist means that you will conduct a lot of researches. Of course, you need to know well about the research methods and the statistics. That is why completing at least one course in Statistics is mandatory.

• Behavioral Sciences. Speech is heavily related to human behavior as well. That is why a future speech-language pathologist needs to know more about psychology, sociology, and anthropology as well by completing at least one course of Behavioral Science.

2. The Requirements of Field Specific Coursework

Besides learning in the classroom, students of speech pathology programs need to increase their skills in dealing with real-life patients as well. That is why there is some field specific coursework that they need to fulfill. Just like the general coursework, the completion of the field specific courses must be followed with a grade of B- or better. Some of the courses below are still learning in the classroom, but some of them requires internship as well. Some of the courses are:
• Intro to Audiology
• Observation of Therapy
• Phonetics
• Language Developments

Those are things that you need to know about completing the study in speech pathology programs. If you want to know more about this matter, it is better for you inquiring to the university you are enrolled in. Remember that each university has its own set of courses to complete and the speech pathology prerequisites may be different from one university to another. For other information, read at http://www.geneticict.com/best-speech-pathology-programs-texas/