UCLA Speech Pathology and the Career Profile

UCLA Speech Pathology provides the audiology services and speech pathology with different expertise areas. But in this article we are going to reveal the career profile of SLP itself. SLP works to assess, diagnosing, and treating the patient as well as prevent the disorders in communicating and swallowing.

You can see UCLA Speech Pathology in order to get to know about this condition a little bit closer.

The duties of SLP

SLP works with all patients who have difficulties and problems with speech. The patients are not able to speak at all or sometimes it is just difficulty or problem with rhythm and fluency like stuttering. The pathologists will also work with people who cannot understand the language or the patients with disorders on their voice like the harsh one or an inappropriate pitch.

Another task of SLP is keeping the records very accurate and completing the administrative duty. The diagnoses and evaluations of the patients, progress of treatment, any change in the condition of the patient, treatment plan and the final evaluation is what they have to do.

Ucla speech pathology graduate program


The standard education level for SLP is at least a master’s degree. Even though a master’s program does not specify a specific bachelor degree for the admission, specific classes and course must be taken before you enter the program. The courser required before taking the master’s program can be varied from each institution.

But commonly, it includes the speech disorder in specific age, alternative methods for communicating, and swallowing disorder. The program will also include the additional work like supervised clinical practice.

License, certification, and registration

SLP must possess license to work and this regulation is applied in almost all states. The minimum license is a master’s degree and clinical experience with supervision. In some state, graduating from accredited master’s program is also a requirement before getting the license. There will be another specific requirement so it is better you call the health insurance board or state’s medical board.

Important skills

Communication skill is a must because the job is about communicating with people who want to be able to communicate better.

SLP works with patients that have been frustrated due to their difficulties. It makes SLP should have compassion to work since they must be able to provide support to patients emotionally.

Critical thinking is needed because they have to adjust the plan for treatment. Besides, they sometimes need to find another way to help the patient.

Detail oriented is a required skill because they need intense concentration. Since they will listen closely to what the patients want to say and then the SLP will help them to improve it on the next stage.

Problems and symptoms from the patients need to be listened. This is why an SLP needs the great listening skill in order to determine the next step for the patient.

The last but not least, patience is what an SLP must have. Helping the patients to reach the goal in slower step can be tiring sometimes. For further information you can call UCLA Speech Pathology.