Ucf Speech Pathology Graduate Certificate

Ucf Speech Pathology graduate certificate can be considered to pursue higher study in speech pathology field. Taking this program means that people can pursue career as speech pathologist. This program is under health and public affair in department of communication sciences & disorders. It is better to learn more about this program offer to make sure that it is the right option for them. It is also necessary to make sure that the students are ready to follow the course available for this program.

Ucf communication sciences and disorders advising


University of Central Florida offers Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders graduate certificate under Medical Speech pathology. The design of the program is to prepare the speech pathologist as well as students of Program of communication science and disorder with the needed skills as well as knowledge for evaluating and treating individuals who have communication disorders related to the medical condition. To find out further about this, people can learn further about the curriculum offered by this program.


The graduate students of UCF CSD have 12 hours of credit in total. However, the MA students of UCF communication sciences & disorders need to take nine credit hours added to swallowing and feeding course that is needed for fulfilling the requirements of regular degree.

For the professional speech language pathologist, 12 hours of credit must be fulfilled by choosing four of the available courses which can be found from the course information. If there are no disorders of swallowing and feeding course taken at the graduate level, it means that they have to take disorders swallowing and feeding course to get the certificate. All courses which are selected for the certificate program must be consulted with the coordinator of the master’s program and adviser of the faculty of medical certificate.


To be able to get Ucf Speech Pathology graduate certificate, students have to complete four courses of the six courses available. There will be 3 credit hours for communication disorders in coursed of dysfunction of cleft palate velopharyngeal.

The same credit hours can also be found for other courses including cognitive or communication disorders course, swallowing and feeding disorders course, disorders cognitive communication management in traumatic brain injury course, autism issues course, and also upper airway and aero digestive management disorders course.

There are some notes which people should keep in mind after all. The courses achieved from the previous program of graduate degree or certificate program is not able to be used for the Certificate completion in Medical Speech Pathology.

Application Requirements

Now, it is time for asking about the requirement of application to get the certificate. Admission for certificate program is available for people who have master’s degree in speech pathology from the institution which is accredited regionally. It is also available for the graduate students of UCF who is attending the MA program of Communication Sciences & Disorders. People have to submit the application and official transcripts to the certificate program. The application must be done online. It is important that the requested materials for application have to be submitted by the deadline provided by Ucf Speech Pathology.