Top Speech Pathology Graduate Programs across The USA

Although a lot of university or college offer speech pathology program, only some of them are amongst the top speech pathology graduate programs in the entire country. The popularity of the schools and the people who graduate from said schools are the main reason for people to take the program there. Here are some recommended places for you if you want to get speech pathology program.

The University of Iowa is a good first choice

This university is probably the oldest in the state (1847), and this university has already taught over 33,000 students located in the city. According to many people, this Iowa based university is considered as the most recognized university for its speech pathology program, which tells you a lot about how good it is.

When you do the practicum, either school or non-school, you can complete international service project in China or Nicaragua. The tuition fees if you are from the state are around $8,500 and $26,000 if you are coming from outside the state.

Speech language pathology graduate programs by state

The University of Washington comes second

Located in Seattle’s University District, University of Washington is one of prestigious member of public AAU and has already taught about 45,000 students (give or take, obviously). The public ranked this university as the number one school for primary care. The education in treating communicative disorders in adults and pediatrics can be done in two years. With ASHA accreditation, this university is among the top tier when it comes to speech pathology program. The tuition fees are $16,000 for in-state students and $28,000 for out-of-state potential students.

Purdue University might be unheard of, but it is good

For those of you who does not care to hear too much about universities, the name might confuse some of you. However, Purdue University ranks the 21st when it comes to innovative schools. The course itself consist of a meagre amount of credit (36), which covers language acquisition, phonetics, hearing science, and aural rehabilitation. Tuition fee go somewhere around: $10,000 for in-state or $30,000 for those alien to the state. I know it is a bit expensive for people outside of the state, but it is a good choice.

Ohio State University’s very own owns one of the top speech pathology graduate programs

This state university is probably the biggest university when it comes to enrollment numbers as it can go up to 65,000 on a good day. This university is a land and sea grant public research institution in Columbus, and that alone tells how credible this place is.

The two years program offered by the university include singing health, disability studies, aging, and applied developmental science in education. The curriculum has 60 credits with four clinical practicum, and all are done outside or inside the campus. The tuition fees are $12,000 for in state and $32,000 for ‘outsider’ students.

Speech pathology is a medical based program aimed to help people suffered from disabilities. Some of the university may require you to spent lots of money, but the job offered for the graduates usually have great number of wages. Consider yourself to enroll into one of that top speech pathology graduate programs.