Tips in Becoming a Speech Therapist

Becoming a speech therapist is probably a dream if you really like to help people to get out of their communication misery. Yes, a speech therapist is a professional who diagnose and give proper treatment to individuals who have problems with language, speaking, and communication. A speech therapist will deal with patients with unclear speech, stutter, or small children with delayed-speech problems. Many people, especially who have the passion to help other people, will find this kind of profession interesting and soothing.

If you really want to be a speech therapist, make sure that you know some of the basic stuff about the profession, such as you are going to need a master’s degree in speech pathology or communication sciences, you will also be expected to master the skills of giving alternative communication methods, like sign language for example. Beside of that, you also need to know the salary. Approximately the median salary when you are a speech therapist can reach $75,000 or more, annually. Below, there are some tips for you if you are really keen in becoming a speech therapist.

How to become a speech therapist without a degree

Prepare Everything from High School

If you really know that you want to be a speech therapist since the very beginning, make sure that you do not waste your high school time. Since high school, you can already prepare yourself to be a professional speech therapist. Start by taking lots of scientific study subjects such as physics, mathematics and biology.

Beside of that, maintain a high grade-point average so that you will not find difficulties while applying for bachelor’s degree program. The major that you take must be related to communications sciences and disorders or speech language pathology.

Get Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree Right Away

After high school, you can start your college educations. It all begins with bachelor’s degree. To become a professional speech therapist, you need to have degree in communication sciences as well as disorders or speech language pathology.

The former is more preferable. The bachelor’s degree is usually taking you 4 years to get and you will learn numerous things about language development and communication problems. After you graduate and earn a bachelor’s degree, do not stop there and immediately take the master’s degree.

A master’s degree in communication sciences as well as disorder or speech language pathology will give you the key to get the Certificate of Clinical Competence especially in Speech Language Pathology. It is a big deal because with that certification, you will be a professional speech therapist and you will be licensed.

Becoming a Certified/Licensed Speech Therapist

If you only get your master’s degree and think that you have done everything, you are quite wrong. To make you have the “professional” label, you need to be certified or licensed. Beside the CCC or the Clinical Competence in Speech Language Pathology certificate that you must own, you are also suggested to take tests and exams from Educational Testing Service so you can be licensed.

Those are everything that you need to know about becoming a speech therapist. The job is indeed very challenging yet interesting, that is why to get there, there will be a lot of things standing before you that you must conquer first.