Texas Speech Pathology License

Texas Speech Pathology License. Before delving further about the Speech Pathology in Texas, it is best to understand about the study and licensing process of the speech pathology first. In the United States of America, the course of study in Speech Pathology is a Master level degree study for the students. In order to be a full-fledged speech pathologist, the student must be able to graduate from a regional accredited University in the United States. The students can also try to achieve even higher level than the Master degree which is the doctorate degree which has special expertise research on Speech Pathology. The minimum of 400 clinical hours practicum and some multiple comprehensive exams called Knowledge and Skill Acquisition (KASA) as the requirement must be completed to be Speech Pathology Clinician.
Requirement for Speech Pathology License
After obtaining the degree from the accredited university, the student need to obtain the license by completing few steps below:
1. Participate and pass the Praxis exam
2. Managed to complete a Clinical Fellowship Year under the tutelage of a fully licensed clinician tutor.
3. Student managed to obtain the American Speech-Language Association Certification for the Clinical Competence and full state practical license after the successful completion of the Clinical Fellowship Year.
4. Each State is responsible for their licensed medical professional and clinician.
5. Maintaining the earned license by participating in the Continuing Educational Units (CEU).
Texas Speech Pathology Licensing
Based on the National American Speech-Language Association stated regulation stated that each state is responsible for its own medical professional, the state of Texas has established regulations and rules for this matter as the respond. Some of the regulations and rules of the state of Texas for the Speech Pathologist applicants are such as:
1. The applicants must hold a respective degree in the communicative disorder or other equivalent sciences degree from a program accredited by a national accredited organization which is approved by a department recognized by the United States Secretary of Education under the Higher Education Act of 1965.
2. The applicants must be able to successfully complete the national examination in speech pathology category approved by the department.
3. The completion of Clinical Fellowship Year is not one of the requirement for the Texas Education Certification in Speech Pathology.
4. The application payment for the licensing is not refundable.
5. The License Issuing Department would require the applicants to participate in the submission of complete legible set of fingerprints in order to determine the historical criminal records of the applicants. The applicants who reject in submitting in this process would not be eligible in applying for the license.
6. If the licensed speech pathologist has failed to follow the rule or has committed a violation, the licensee would need to surrender their license to the executive director and the latter would void the license immediately.
7. The applicants who have earned the license must maintain the earned license by educating, supervising, and mentoring future new Speech Pathologist.
Hopefully by reading this short article, you will be able to gain a bit more understanding on the process of obtaining and maintaining the Texas Speech Pathology License.