3 Speech Pathology Masters Programs You Can Take from Your Home

Nowadays, you don’t need to worry about going to campus to study and get degree that you want. You can do it from your home by taking online degree programs. And, most of universities that you can find today offer this kind of program, including online program for Speech Pathology Masters Programs. Here are some of best online degree program you can try to get Speech Pathology degree.

Western Kentucky University

This university has full time and part time program that you can take for online degree in Speech Pathology. This program needs you to finish its 57 to 63 credit hours. In this program and credit hours, you will get several programs, such as core material, clinical practice and elective hours. Once you finish this online course, you can take speech and language pathology certification.

In core course, you learn several subjects, such as:

– Early intervention in speech language pathology,

– Motor speech disorders,

– Voice disorders,

– Neurology for speech and language,

– Cognitive linguistic disorders,

– Audio rehab.

Because you also can get part time, you can have more flexible schedule for this Speech Pathology Masters Programs. So, you also can take it, even if you currently have job. You need to pay the learning fee per credit hour you take, which is $679 per hour.

East Carolina University

Here, you can take 8 undergraduate prerequisite courses that will need 54 to 60 credit hours and 400 clinical practicum hours to finish. This online Speech Pathology Masters Programs is necessary, if you want to take the Master’s in Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders program, offered by East Carolina University. At the online course, you will learn:

– Language disorders,

– Language and learning disabilities,

– Research design in speech and hearing,

– Fluency disorders,

– Articulation seminar,

– Motor speech disorders,

– Brain language,

– Aphasia and professional issue in speech and language pathology.

Once you finish the course, you are eligible to take the full-time program that mentioned earlier for three years. To take this online course, you will need to pay around $826 per credit hour.

California State University – Northridge

This university has 100% online program for Speech Pathology, where you can take Master of Science in Communicative Disorders program. In this program, you will take some of course, such as:

– Interviewing and counseling in communicative disorders subject,

– Language disorders,

– Adult and pediatric swallowing and feeding disorder,

– Advanced diagnostics in speech and language pathology,

– Pediatrics,

– Clinical practice.

Once you finished this online program, you will automatically enter their master program degree, if you want to learn more. Or, you also can take CSUN 2 year pre requisite program to take this master degree. As for the study fee, you will need to pay for $816 per credit hour.

Therefore, if you are interested in Speech Pathology, you won’t have problem to learn it. You can take those Speech Pathology Masters Programs from your home. Now, you will have more time to do your activities while get the degree that is necessary for taking this career path.