Speech Pathology and Audiology in Touro College

Speech language pathologist helping people in all ages and background who have swallowed, speech, hearing and language disorders in order to communicate clearly. Whether the patient has hearing disorder or developmental delay, then speech language pathologist should provide their patients with competent and compassionate treatment.

Touro College Speech Pathologyprovides you with great academic curriculum and focusing on your experiential earning. This program also prepares you to become a highly skill of health care providers and have wide experience as well. The intensive credit program around 58-60 and culminate in Master of Science degree in this major. So, the graduates will have the education and great experience to start their career as the speech language pathologists, almost 100% of graduates had been employed right away after graduate.
Why choose Touro College?
As mentioned before that this college provides you with a broad based curriculum which also including of clinical practice that had been supervised carefully and closes relationship with the faculty as well. There are many researchers and practitioners. Of course, your professor will monitor you carefully when you learn about the things in this field, such as: assessment, treatment, requires reporting and more. Plus, this college has state of the art and hearing center where you can meet with your practicum requirements as well. So, Touro College Speech Pathology can be your best one of recommendation if you look for it.
All of the students should be completed an independent project before graduate. Even, there are many students present their projects in state or national convention as well. The graduates are also eligible to get professional licensure form the state as well as you get an ASHA certificate after you were finding the clinical supervised experience by ASHA. Students also able to follow additional exams and courses which are necessary to get the TSSLD certificate (Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities). So, you can check their official site to know further about Touro College Speech Pathology.
So, the speech pathology and audiology program at Touro College prepare students to achieve their career as the speech language pathologist in the hospital, school or clinic. This program is focused on process and speech, hearing and language disorders as mentioned above.

The program, including of audiology, study of communication disorder, speech pathology, implementation of comprehensive, language acquisition and rehabilitates solution to solve communication problems. You can get more information by visiting their official site. Touro College Speech Pathology had been accredited by American Speech Language Hearing Association.

The students who had been completed in the Speech Pathology program in Touro College can enter in several popular career paths. Accessing and treating individuals who have speech, voice, language and fluency disorders. You might be able to choose alternative communication and their how they will be used. You also able to hold research that related to language and speech issue. So, this information only simple overview about TouroCollege Speech Pathology, you are also able to use this information as your recommendation. For more information, you can read at http://www.geneticict.com/get-online-master-speech-pathology-nyu/