Speech Pathologist Bls Occupational Outlook

Speech Pathologist Bls will offer information for people about anything associated to occupation as speech pathologist. There is no question that people will look for the job which is suitable to their passion but at the same time offers great opportunities for brighter future. BLS helps people to know more about specific job including speech pathologist. People will be able to know more about things done by speech pathologist, the working environment, the payment, and even the steps to become one. Let’s find out about speech pathologist further.


There are some duties which are typical for speech therapist. First of all, the speech therapist must make evaluation about the difficulty level for swallowing, language, or speech. The treatment options must be identified next. After making the options of treatment, sometimes the personalized treatment plans must be created and carried out for dealing with particular functional needs.

The pathologist will also teach the patients either children or adult about the way for making sounds, improving their voices, and maintaining the fluency.

The pathologist also has to help the patients for improving their vocabulary as well as structure of sentence that is used in written and oral language. The professional must work with the patients for developing and strengthening the swallowing muscle. There can also be counseling session with patients and families about the way coping with swallowing and communication disorders.

Speech language pathologist jobs

Work Environment

According to information from Speech Pathologist Bls, there are about 145,100 speech pathologist occupations which can be found in 2016. There are some employers that will need the support from professional speech pathologist. Most of the pathologists are working in educational service such as at private, local, and state schools. There are also professionals who are working at offices of speech therapist and audiologist.

The hospitals also become the place where speech pathologist working at. A few pathologists are working at the nursing facilities and self employed. Most of the pathologists are working full time. However, there are a few of them who are working part time. The pathologists who are working for schools have to travel between different facilities or schools.

Job Outlook

Working as speech pathologist can be interesting for people who want to help other people. Still, people need to know more about the job outlook of speech pathologist. It is projected that there will be 18% of growth in speech pathologist employment between 2016 and 2026.

This growth is much faster compared to the average growth of any kind of occupations after all. The larger population of baby boom grows older. It means that there will be more health conditions that appear such as dementia or strokes. Those health conditions can lead the problem of language or speech.

That is why the speech pathologist will be needed for treating the problem of language and speech in older population. However, there will also be increasing awareness of problem associated to language and speech in younger children. It means that professional in this specialization will be needed according to information of Speech Pathologist Bls.