Rush University – Speech Language Pathology

If you haven’t known about this, the speech language pathologist is always involved in everything which relates to the diagnosis, prevention, and evaluation. Not only that, they are also involved in the management of communication disorders which are associated with voice, speech, swallowing impairments, and cognitive and language. The speech language pathology – usually called SLP – program, can be learned at Rush University. Here, You can go to Rush University Speech Pathology to get a master’s degree.
The coursework at this university, is designed to give you an education which will be full of competencies. Besides, you will have an option which you can choose to complete your thesis. Not only that, the experiences that you get will be got inside the campus and outside the campus. So, you do not only learn about theories of speech pathology, you will face the real problems in the society. So, the experiences which you get, will be very useful when you go to work.
Rush University – Speech Language Pathology
In this university, the pass rate, which the master’s degree program was 100 percent. This pass rate has been admitted by the examination of national Praxis. This means, the speech language pathology which this university has, is included as one of the best major in the country – especially in the US news and World Report. Not only that, those who have studied in this university, has a big chance to get a job on its field. For example, the employment scale of graduate in 2013 to 2015, is 100 percent. Besides, the Praxis scores of this speech language pathology, are also 100 percent – from 2013 to 2016.
The Services of Speech Language Pathology
The services which are given by this university to the students are included in some fields. Here, you will learn about the treatment and evaluation, which relate to the voice, speech and language, swallowing, and communicative / cognitive skills. Besides, you will be taught about other specialty services which are useful for your competency. On the other hand, the specialty services mostly include disorders which relate to the motor speech, apraxia and aphasia, videostrobe, and also Laryngectomee. For the Laryngectomee, it includes prosthesis of tracheo esophageal voice.
How about the programs in this university?
When we talk about the programs which can be followed. There are some programs which you have to know. The first is videostroboscopy which is designed with high definition quality. Here, it provides an evaluation, which shows the vocal cord mucosal wave. In this field, it is similar to the vocal cord lesions.

The next program is vocal cord injection – which is designed for scarring, papilloma, nodules, or laryngeal neurological, pH or impedance testing, biopsies, injection mobilization – relates to the vocal paralysis, and laser treatments.
All of those programs are performed in the office. Why? Because you will be given some services which need a concern about treating your problems. That’s why, graduates of Rush University Speech Pathology will be ready for the real problems in the society. In addition, if you go to this university, you will get a great competence. For more reference, read at