About Ohio Board Of Speech Language Pathology

Ohio Board Of Speech Language Pathology must be familiar for people who are pursuing career in speech pathology and audiology field. It means that they have to go to Ohio Speech and Hearing Professionals Board. There will be some supports which can be found from the board. The most important thing is that the board will make sure that professionals in speech language pathology and audiology field has legal permit for practicing their professional skill. It is necessary for ensuring the customer’s satisfaction after all.

Ohio speech pathology license requirements


License for professional is a must to start career in speech language pathology and audiology field. One thing which people have to keep in their mind is that the requirement for applying license can be different from one and another state. That is why when people try to be professional in Ohio; they need to make sure that they meet the requirement of licensing needed by Ohio government. There will be licensing offered for individual and company.

The individual includes audiologist, audiology aide, hearing aid fitter, hearing aid fitter trainee permit, speech language, pathologist, speech language pathology aide, and speech language pathology conditional license. The company associated with this field will also need license such as hearing aid dealer and hearing aid dealer satellite. License must be renewed for making sure that the individual or company works legally in Ohio.

Online Application

Nowadays, individual or company does not have to be troubled for applying the license since they can enjoy the great benefits of Ohio Board Of Speech Language Pathology online application. The online system will help people to apply for license and managing their license. There will be also online support for supervision management as well as license renewal.
Every single step needed for the licensing can be done online with secure environment. They need to be registered first as users before they can do any transaction with the board.

Continuing Education Information

The main purpose of the board is for making sure that the professionals can really offer the best support for the customer satisfaction legally. That is why the board also offers information about enhancing the skill and knowledge in speech language pathology and audiology field further for professional. There is specific information available for them who want to continue education in this field. It will be a great help for them that pursue for professional career in this field.

Consumers Supports

There is no doubt that consumers must be protected including when they get support from the professional such as in speech language pathology and audiology field. Since the customer’s satisfaction becomes important element, there is no surprise if people can also find information for consumers associated with this field.

Consumers will be able to file a complaint about the service associated with this field. It is not the only support offered to the consumers because there will be also information about public record policy, hearing aid FAQ, and also hearing aid assistance program. The professional and consumers will be supported by Ohio Board Of Speech Language Pathology.