All You Need to Know about ASHA Grad School

There are a lot of ASHA grad schools across the nation. Basically, ASHA is the short for American Speech Language Hearing Association or the official board to deal with schools and universities that have speech-language pathology programs. ASHA is like the accreditation board who establishes the rules and admission requirements for those who want to take education in speech language pathology field. Basically, all universities and schools under ASHA have the same rules when selecting new students. If you have a bachelor’s degree in speech language pathology and you want to go to grad school to get your master’s degree and become an professional SLP (speech language pathologist), make sure you pay attention to the information about ASHA grad schools below.

Top speech pathology undergraduate programs

Graduate Education in ASHA at a Glance

The undergraduate study in speech language pathology is like opening the front door of a whole new field for a student. During the undergraduate education, the ground knowledge of speech language pathology, communication disorders, language problems, and so on will be given to the students. Once they graduate and want to continue the education grad school and earn the master’s degree, they will learn advanced chapters of speech language pathology and most of them will be achieved academically and clinically.

There will be plenty of coursework and clinical practicum experiences of course. They will give the opportunity to the students to develop their skills in providing treatments and clinical services to patients with communication and language problems. The patients are coming from all ages, genders, and backgrounds and thus a professional is needed to handle them.

The Admission to Graduate Schools of ASHA

The schools and universities that become the member of ASHA are plenty. However, for the admission of the graduate program in speech language pathology, almost all of them have the same rules and requirements. The master’s degree in speech language pathology cannot be taken for granted because the master’s degree is the key for the students to practice as a professional SLP.

That is why the curriculum will be precisely set to meet the academic and clinical preparation to prepare the students being a professional SLP. The average time-to-degree is approximately 2 years. It is a high commitment and thus those who want to go to grad school take the program must understand the rules and requirements, such as:

Having a bachelor’s degree in speech language pathology

Having a minimum 3.00 GPA (Grade Point Average)

Already taken Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and get fair scores

Have a letters of recommendation.

Those are what you need about getting a grad school get the master’s degree in speech language pathologist. Since ASHA is the official board that deals with speech language pathology, it is believed that going to schools and universities under ASHA will be the best for you if you really want to be a professional SLP.

Keep it in mind that the master’s degree from ASHA grad schools will not be the only requirement you need to get licensed. You still need other certifications, including the CCC.