The Methodology of Speech Pathology: Boston University Speech Pathology

Boston University is a famous university in the United States of America, so it comes to no question that you can find Boston University speech pathology course in that place. Because Boston University’s intention is to be a place of higher learning, it is only right that the university opened a major such as this one.

But for those of you who did not know jack about speech pathology, you might think that this major is just a waste of space and time. I once shared that kind of sentiment with you. I mean, why should people learn about the pathology of speaking when they should be learning about how to pay tax and how to prevent communism from ever rising in the west (you have to admit that ideology change is a much bigger concern than simple speech research), am I right?

Turn out, I was right, but only if I am being subjective on it. When I am being objective, I will have the ‘wrong’ written all over my sentence and people will think of me as someone who is inconsiderate, especially in this easy-to-trigger society that I lived in.

Speech pathology is a good course to have because it handles problems that we only see as minor problems. If you cannot speak right, then you go to someone with a degree in speech pathology. If your voice does not sound right, a people with speech pathology degree will try to find the problem for you. If you do not swallow right, then a speech pathologist will make sure that you do.

All of those might be minor problems for the majority of common people, but it is often the patients themselves who is tortured for the inability to do all of the things I have mentioned.

Boston university speech pathology faculty

Speech pathology? What should I expect to learn in that place?

Because you are going to handle all of the speech problems, then of course you will learn all the little things about speech. Phonation, resonance, pitch, semantics, pragmatics, and all other linguistically related things are their specialties, and believe me when I said that those are their specialties (I got a friend who dwell in the world of speech pathology.

You need to see how masterful she is on terms like that). If you ever visit them, they will check you for language disorders that might exist in you. Their duty is to make you a good speaker, so you can communicate well with others.

If you are still confused about their job, the movie King’s Speech talks about speech disorders and what a speech pathologist does.

Now I am interested. How can I join Boston University speech pathology?

Actually, Boston University got one of the best speech pathology course all over America. It is mainly because their MS-SLP (Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology for those of you who are wondering) is rated highly by many.

To join this one, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree, three letters of reference from people who can refer to your ability, good scores on the Graduate Record Examination, and (again) evidence that proves your academic and practical ability.

For the fee bit, the Boston University gives a certain fee breakdown and all of them comes down to 70,575 US dollars give or take. Now this might seem like a big money to spend, but if you consider how American education system works, then it is not that big of a fee to spend on.

You also need to have medical insurance because the state of Massachusetts will require any students to have it. The rest of the instruction can be found within their website, so if you are interested in applying, you should always refer to their website.

Although speech pathology seemed like an odd course, it is a course that will pay you well in the future because for some reason kids these days have lots of speech disorders. If you want to apply and if you are living close to the university, then you have no other reason not to join Boston University speech pathology course because it is one of the best courses in the USA.