What are the Mandatory Speech Pathology Requirements?

Knowing what the mandatory speech pathology requirements are can be quite important if you want to be a professional speech pathologist. Today, the role of becoming a speech-language pathologist is essential because many people suffer from communication disorder. As we all know, they need help from a speech pathologist. The role of speech pathologist is included assessing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing worsen communication disorder of a patient. Below, you will find more information about the mandatory speech pathology requirements.

strong>1. Have Educational Degree

Becoming a professional pathologist means that you have to fulfill some educational requirements. There are some degrees related to speech-language pathologist, starting from the Bachelor’s Degree to Praxis Exam. To be a professional pathologist, you must at least have a bachelor’s degree in communication science and disorder. It will be even better if you have a master’s or doctoral degree in related field of communication, including in linguistics, phonetics, and phonology.

Someone with a psychology degree and general science degree should be able to learn more about becoming a pathologist easily as well. Besides of the degrees you get from university, sometimes becoming a professional pathologist needs some “practical” degree as well, including clinical experience, clinical fellowship year, and of course the Praxis exam.

2. Have a Certificate of Clinical Competence

Now that you have the degree, you cannot be a professional pathologist yet if you do not own a CCC or Certificate of Clinical Competence. This certificate is going to certify that you are a professional pathologist and basically legalize what you do in the future, related to the treatment or therapy you give to a patient. This certificate can be acquired after you pass some tests and interviews with the authorities. This certificate seems to be quite mandatory, in some states at least, and you cannot get any job related to speech-language pathology if you do not have this type of certificate.

3. Have Taught Certificate

Almost 40% of speech-language pathologists end up in school. It means that they help students and children with speech and communication disorder to get back on track. If you want to teach or doing something in school, not as pupil of course, you are going to need some other certificates.
One of the most-needed certificates you need to be a pathologist at school is the teaching certificate. In many states, you are going to need this certificate to be able to teach at school or get employed by the school. That is why it is strongly recommended that you get this certificate along with the CCC. Read also other information at http://www.geneticict.com/best-schools-for-speech-pathology/
4. Have a License

Dealing with people with communication disorder is not a random job. There are a lot of responsibilities in it. That is why you know that becoming a professional pathologist is not easy at all. You already read above that you will need a CCC and teaching certificate, but in some states, it is not the end of it. You still have to get a license.
The license along with its licensing requirements could be different from one country to another. That is why one of the most mandatory speech pathology requirements is actually to get this license in the state where you live.