Improving Your Speech Skill in Mercy College Speech Pathology

Mercy College Speech Pathology has built its reputation as one of the best speech pathology centers in the United States. Supported by experienced faculties and staffs, the college is not only popular for its academic programs but also the pathology center. It has helped many people with communication disorders to improve their speaking ability.
The Mercy College is situated in New York City. Built in 1950, the college’s mission is to facilitate and support its students to get the most out of life through education. The college campuses are located in Dobbs Ferry, Bronx, Manhattan and Yorktown Heights. With students coming from various regions, Mercy College provides both undergraduate and graduate degrees of over 90 for everyone who loves to learn things and gain knowledge.

The college also offers five schools with certificate programs for those who dream to apply their knowledge for the sake of society, they are Education, Behavioral Science, Business, Health and Science, and Liberal Arts.
The Mercy College Speech Pathology Center
Mercy College runs Speech and Hearing Center that has worked out for over 30 years to help people of all ages with communication disorders. They include the language and speech disorders, as well as the swallowing and/ or hearing disorders. Mercy College Speech and Hearing Center also gives services for those with intellectual disabilities. The center is located in Dobbs Ferry Campus. It opens therapy sessions during autumn, summer, and spring semesters.               The speech pathology center also offers therapy programs for evening and Saturday sessions to accommodate busy people. Each person will get individualized therapy programs at Mercy Therapy, Speech Pathology Center based on their individual clinical diagnostics. It is possible because the center obtains comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for each patient. Supported by experienced speech therapists, the Mercy College Speech Pathology Center is the right place to get help for people with communication disorders.

The Mercy College Speech Pathology Programs
Speech pathology is a field in which speech therapists specialize themselves in the evaluations, diagnosis, as well as the treatment for people with communication disorders. The Mercy College Speech Pathology, as the name given, has specialized in giving therapies for people with communication disorders as well as for those with intellectual disabilities.

The college offers some revolutionary programs include the Audiology, Speech, and Language programs combined with the support of experienced and licensed speech therapists. In Audiology program, the center gives hearing testing services for both adults and children of 7 age and older. It is completed with the advanced technology of audio equipment include a sound-treated examination booth, OAE screening, and clinical audiometer equipment.

The speech pathology center also offers evaluation and treatment to develop language skills caused by disordered/ delayed receptive and expressive language or by TBI, RHD, Dementia, and neurological disease. Meanwhile the speech programs offered include the articulation/ phonology, oral motor, stuttering, voice, apraxia, and dysarthria. The Mercy College Speech Pathology also offers programs to educate parents in the many areas of speech and apply it in daily activities to stimulate their children’s communication abilities. For more information, read at