5 Steps on How to Become a Speech Therapist

How to become a speech therapist? Of course you will need some work to do along with the certain degree and license or certification. Speech therapist works with people who have issues on making clear speech or stutter. But they are also working with the patient’s family or a group of people with the similar condition.

How long does it take to become a speech therapist

#1 – Doing research on the duties and required education

If you want to know on how to become a speech therapist, you really need to find out more about this field. Speech therapist works with all ages, various locations, and wide scopes of patients. Besides diagnosing the patient, a speech therapist will also develop a speech program adjusted to the individual and then monitoring along with evaluating the patient. They also provide the technique to improve the language fluency if needed.

#2 – Preparing the high school

You need to have good grade on high school because it will make you a strong candidate to take the communication science and disorder degree in college. Besides, you may need to maintain the great point average on some subjects like biology, math, and also physic. Your experience will be helping as well. For example, you can be volunteering with people who suffer from disorders like voice, speech, or also language.

#3 – Earn a bachelor’s degree

When you want to be a speech pathologist or therapist, you should start your college with communication science and disorders major. Generally, it takes 4 years to get the bachelor’s degree. The major will tell you a lot about the function and development of language. Besides, you will also fulfill the requirement for clinical experience during the undergrad year.

The coursework will be about subject like phonetic, audiology, technology and science, and also foreign language.

#4 – Graduate from master’s program in speech-language pathology

Besides a license from state, you will also need to seek the Certificate of Clinical Competence in SLP from national ASHA. If you intend to get that certificate then you may pursue a postgrad program that has been accredited by the ASHA’s Council. The program or major will let you study to evaluate and give treatment for speech, voice, and language disorder. Besides, you will also have your time to take additional training related to the clinical experience.

The curriculum may also offer some course like hearing and fluency disorder, neuroscience, hearing and speech science. You are required to complete a thesis.

#5 – Become a speech therapist with license

After graduation from the postgrad and earning master’s degree then you can start the certification for state level. Before that, you must complete certain hours of monitored clinical work and also pass the national test held by the authorized institution. Meanwhile, if you plan to work at the public school then you may need to get teaching certification from state as well. Continuity of education is a must in order maintain your certification.

You can also become a recreational therapist, which only requires a bachelor’s degree. So, this is the end of how to become a speech therapist.