How To Become A Speech Language Pathologist in 5 Steps

How To Become A Speech Language Pathologist will be answered in five steps. We can make sure that speech language pathologist is kind of professional occupation which needs specific educational background. However, before people can go further about the educational background needed, it is better for them to build understanding about this occupation first so they will be able to follow the process for becoming a professional speech language pathologist. They must not forget that there will be license needed in specific state before they can seek the suitable job opportunities.

How much do speech and language pathologists make

Occupation Understanding

It is important for people to understand about the main objective as professional in speech language pathology field. The main purpose is for helping patients with swallowing or communicating problem so they can do those activities more effectively. Patient evaluation will need medical information as well as language and hearing administer tests.

The treatment plans will be developed and it is possible that specialized instruments will be used. The personalized therapy sometimes needs to be developed as well. Different therapy might be needed by patients with communication or swallowing problem.

Bachelor’s Degree

How To Become A Speech Language Pathologist will include the need for obtaining bachelor’s degree first because people need to pursue master’s degree to be professional in this field. People can consider taking communication science and disorder, American Sign Language, or speech and hearing science as the major of their undergraduate degree.

They will learn about many things from hearing science to sign language. There can also be opportunities provided by the program to join the internship for observing the professionals and gaining clinical experience.

Master’s Degree

Next, people have to find the speech language pathology program that is accredited by Council on Academic Accreditation. There is no need to worry because many options available with proper accreditation.

It is necessary for making sure that they are graduated from the accredited master’s program because it becomes crucial requirements for pursuing the state license. The coursework is varied from linguistics to rehabilitative audiology. Doctorate degree will be needed if they want to be scholar or researcher in this field.

State License

There will be several requirements which must be fulfilled when someone wants to get the state license in this field. Besides the praxis series, there will also be clinical work experience needed to be fulfilled. Some speech pathologist wants to work at school and it means that they also need certificate for clinical competence in this field.

The license must be renewed as well and for this purpose, courses of continuing education might be needed.

Job Opportunities Seeking

People can find advanced job opportunities if they have years of professional experience in speech language pathology. They can find position for mentoring or supervisory. There will also be opportunity for becoming specialist in certain speech therapy area by taking the professional courses for continuing education.

It means that they will be able to work in specific patients group. Those are the needed steps on How To Become A Speech Language Pathologist.