Steps on How To Become A Speech Pathologist

How To Become A Speech Pathologist becomes important information which people should learn to make sure that they can have the career they want the most. In this circumstance, there will be educational requirements which must be fulfilled. Nevertheless, it is not the only thing needed because people also have to pay attention about the license as well as certification for making sure that they can really get the job they want the most.

Educational Requirements

To become a speech language pathologist, bachelor’s degree is a must but there might be further education which will be needed as well. For the bachelor’s degree, people must have a degree in the communication sciences and disorders. They can also have degree in related major in arts and science which can be accepted when they admit into master’s program of speech language pathology.

For pursuing speech pathologist career, people need master’s degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation. 265 options are available in the United States so people can be free to choose the most suitable one. However, further education is needed for them who want to work in private practice or in research. For those purposes, people need to have doctoral degree.

It will be needed to work as college professor in this field. People must not forget that there will also be supervised clinical experience, clinical fellowship year, and praxis exam needed before they can take the next step on How To Become A Speech Pathologist.

How long does it take to become a speech pathologist how long does it take to become a speech pathologist

Clinical Competence

It is necessary to be certified as a speech pathologist and the certification can be found from the Certificate of Clinical Competence. It is true that it is not always needed for state licensure but it can be needed when people are looking for the job. CCC-SLP is the denotation of the certification.

Teaching Certificate

People might have a big question why teaching certificate will be needed by people who want to work in the speech pathology field. In this circumstance, they need to see the fact that there are many speech language pathologist practices in the school. For employment in the school, most states will expect state teaching certificate.

That is why it is necessary for them to consult with the education board at the specific state to get full requirement list for teaching.


Last but not least, they will also need the license before they can find the job as speech pathologist. Regulation about speech language pathology field can be found in 48 states as well as DC. Different requirement can be found in different state about becoming professional in this field. That is why it is better for them to consult to the licensure board at the specific state about the requirements of licensing in this field.

After they fulfill all of the needed requirements for being a speech pathologist in specific state, they can start the hunt for job opportunity in this field. Those are necessary steps to be taken on How To Become A Speech Pathologist.