Pros and Cons of being a Pathologist: How much does a Pathologist Make?

How much does a pathologist make could be the first thing that people want to know about being a speech pathologist. But, besides just the salary, there are various pros along with the cons of being a speech pathologist.

As we all know, speech pathologist helps to take care and counsel individuals with disorders related to communication and speech. So, we are going to find out about “how much does a pathologist make” along with the pros and cons.

How much does a pathologist assistant make

The pros of being a speech pathologist

When it comes to the salary, it may be varied depends on which industry you work. But the median annual salary for a pathologist is USD 74,680. The highest salary is if you work at facilities of nursing and residential care.

The other good news is that this can be a very rewarding career. Speech pathology will be helping people with disorders like communication disorder, or the difficulty to pronounce asparagus. It is like the good feeling when you can help someone with their life.

Besides, this filed is always growing. For your information, speech pathology is increasing so rapidly in the last 5 years. Based on the information from Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate that has been projected for this field for the next 10 years is about 20%.

Again, speech pathologist is doing lots of meaningful works. You do not even need to volunteer in order to help people. Helping people is your daily activity. Since pathologist is not just you in this world then you are part of them. Once you are part of the family, you will be in the place of where the sharing is on. The family will share about the strategies, tips, job-related stories, and many more.

The cons of being speech pathologist

You may spend a lot of your time at school the requirements for education and license are very strict. Other jobs may not require that much requirements. In order to get your job, you need to do a very hard work. You need to put your focus, dedication, and perseverance at one place steadily. You are helping people with communication disorder. So, how will you communicate with them? You should work on it.

Another drawback may be the time-consuming job. You cannot leave your work at your office because you need to prepare. Meanwhile, other jobs like lecturers and lawyers could live their life at their home without work.

Being a speech pathologist will require you have a lot of paperwork. You need to keep so many documents of your patients and keep track on anything like progress, diagnoses, and many more. Besides, you are the only one who will be in charge to fill it all.

Some people may be confused about what speech pathologist is. It makes them expect you to work on some duties that are not included in your scope. It is important to make boundaries from the first time. You should know that it is not just about “how much does a pathologist make“.