How Much Do Speech Therapists Make Annually

How Much Do Speech Therapists Make surely will always appear when people are pursuing career in this field. It can be true that people work because they have passion in this field but it does not mean that they will ignore about the salary aspect. Nevertheless, people need to make sure that they have proper understanding about the job. It means that they need to learn more about the job description as well as tasks of the speech therapist.

Job Description

For becoming a speech therapist, there is no doubt that there will be social skills needed because this job will make people understand about the reason why the patient does things. To be professional in this field, someone must have master’s degree in speech therapy program.

It is not the only thing needed of course because the state license will also be necessary for administering the therapy for patients. The professional in this field must be able to work with various people who have speech problem due to learning disabilities or trauma. Open minded and compassionate individuals will be needed to be a professional speech therapist.

Speech therapist degree


People will be paid for their work so it is super important for understanding the tasks of speech therapist before people can learn more about the amount of the salary as professional. Yes, How Much Do Speech Therapists Make must be answered but still people need to know that the tasks of this occupation will not be simple at all. They need to document the patients’ initial evaluation, followed treatment, the progress, as well as discharge.

The patients must be instructed in the technique of communication. The therapist also needs to teach the patient about the exercise of speech, breathing, and even muscle. Treatment plans must be developed, implemented, and monitored for different problems including stuttering and swallowing disorders.

The treatments must be adjusted accordingly. The evaluation of language, speech, and hearing must be administered by the therapist. There will also be tests and examination which must be administered to the patients. The results must be evaluated along with the medical background for diagnosing as well as planning the treatment.

Experience Level

When people are talking about the salary which can be earned by professional speech language therapist, the amount will be influenced by geographic aspect and experience level after all. The median salary in 2015 is $73,410 a year but experience level will affect the payment a lot.

Entry level of speech therapist with not more than five years of experience will be able to get about $60,000 annually. The total compensation in average includes bonus, tips, as well as overtime payment.

The professional who have mid career experience with 5-10 years of experience will be paid $72,000 annually. For them who have 10-20 years of experience in this field will get $78,000 as average total comparison. Salary with $80,000 amount can be found by therapist with more than 20 years experience. It must be very interesting to know more about How Much Do Speech Therapists Make.