Get Online Master of Speech Pathology NYU

NYU provides you with speech language pathology programs in around the states and opportunity to get an NYU education while you are working directly with their clients in the communities itself. This program combines online and innovative learning in person, provide you with community based of clinical field along with interactive programs which preparing you to help kids or adults who have communication disorder. So, NYU Speech Pathology might one of your best options when you prefer to get an online learning education, especially in speech pathology major.

You do not have to worry because small size will ensure that you get the individual attention you need most to success in this hand-on program as well. You will discuss about many topics in each class, such as: dysphasia or having a motor speech disorder when you are collaborating with someone who love your passion to help others. Besides, you get a live class in this NYU Speech Pathology, you will use this online platform to meet with great professors personally or preparing your study session in small size with your classmate.
By combining live online class, personal clinical field and innovative course work, NYU Steinhardt also provides you with the comprehensive of graduate education which makes you eligible to get licensure for speech language pathologist or SLP. They also provide you with a unique curriculum to prepare you careen in this environment.

So, what a great thing?
You will get an ASHA accredited curriculum

You are able to learn the concepts based on the evidence that you need in order to become professional SLP who serving your clients in all of ages and backgrounds as well. This unique curriculum has the same standard in on campus of SLP Master Program, which been actively in the field as well.

Provide you with clinical practice and field placement
As mentioned before that you will get hands on clinical experience through the NYU Speech Pathology program. The sites of field placement that had been approved by NYU will close to your community. You will work with the clinical of field placement professional who helps you to identify your local site and serve your clients who have a wide range of communication disorder.

There are multiple start dates for admission
NYU Steinhardt also offers you with multiple start dates in a year, typically in January, May and September. The committee will review your application through rolling basis, so the earlier you apply then you can receive the admissions sooner as well. For more information, you read at
So, this interactive virtual campus will provide you with self-paced course for your need, of course, no matter where you live. Every assignment will make you getting in deeper discussion in your weekly class and you are able to complete your assignment whenever you been as long as there is an internet connection. Virtual campus is using popular social media to build your relationship with your classmate as well. So you can in touch with your friends around the states. You will earn a wide range of clinical experience while you are working in your own community through this NYU Speech Pathology program.