Get Further Information about Nova Speech Pathology at a Glance

Nova speech pathology offers you full range of degree levels. In the speech-language pathology field, you can apply for bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, to a doctoral degree. Being a researcher or a pathologist as a profession can enable you to support communities or individual that deal with communication disorders.

In this university, you will be able to gain academic foundation in the principles and concepts in human communication disorders, language, hearing, and speech, and also gain a research based from them. Here you will be able to get further information about the university and programs offered in the field of speech-language pathology.

Nova southeastern university speech pathology program reviews

About Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University or NSU is located in the United States, especially in Davie, Florida. This university was called Nova back then. NSU is how people call this university in the present. This is a private university and has been pretty old campus. Established in 1964, NSU has 18 schools and colleges.

They offer more than 175 programs of study. You will also find that they have more than 250 majors. Admitted as a research/doctoral university, you will meet some majors are offered up to doctoral degree.

NSU is a good university where you can find much knowledge and many friends from various backgrounds. Although the main campus of NSU is in Davie, there are still some branch campuses you can meet throughout the state.

About Department of Speech-Language Pathology at NSU

As mentioned above, you will meet a complete degree of speech-language pathology in this university. Nova speech pathology department offers you the best they can give to their students.

Let’s take few glimpses on each degree. In the first place, we will talk about the bachelor’s degree. If you have intention to serve people who have language and speech disabilities, you might want to consider taking this department.

When you decide to apply in this bachelor program, you will also be able to apply for the higher education, the master’s program. If you don’t want to look for other universities that offer the master’s program, you can just decide to take the program at NSU. In the bachelor program, you will get knowledge of broad understanding of the field, developing problem-solving skills, and critical thinking.

In the master program, you will focus more on numerous training to become a greater speech-language pathologist that can provide a full range of services. You will also learn providing those services in various settings. As the program intends to create best practices, you will learn more about clinical curricula and scientifically-based academic. It will help you fostering critical thinking.

We come to the doctoral degree offered by NSU. You can apply for this program if you are speech-language pathologists in rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, private practice, skilled nursing facilities, universities, hospitals, or schools.
You can still apply for this program at NSU if you have obtained a master’s degree in speech-language pathology. In addition, you also have obtained ASHA certification. That’s all of a brief introduction of programs provided by Nova speech pathology department.