Everything You Need to Know About FIU Speech Pathology Master’s Degree

FIU speech pathology Master’s degree is the exact thing to get when you want to be a professional speech pathologist. Florida International University or FIU is the finest university in the state and of course they have a great program in speech pathology. As we all know, there are a lot of people who have difficulties in communication, some of them are considered severed and clinical. People with such difficulties can get help from speech pathologist who will help them to overcome their obstacles in communicating.

This is why the FIU speech pathology is needed. It will help people to be a professional speech pathologist and they can help a lot of people with various cases in speech pathology. Below, you will learn more about FIU speech pathology, especially the Master’s program.

FIU Speech Pathology Master’s Program at a Glance

The FIU speech pathology is one of the finest program in the university. The program of Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology or SLP for short of this university is fully approved by The Florida Board of Governors. The Master’s degree program is run under the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) of the Florida International University.

The program has been there since 2000 and since then, the program has been approved and accredited annually by the Council of Academic Accreditation or CAA. If a student wants to take the Master’s degree in SLP at the Florida International University, they need to know that the FIU speech pathology Master’s program contains six semester courses with overall 61-credit course for the study.

The there will be 45 students are admitted for each period and during the 4 semesters, they will study in the class and take clinical rotation as well. The FIU speech pathology program, especially for the Master’s degree has great reputation. The employment rate of the alumni of the program is 100%.

How to be Eligible for Admission to the FIU Speech Pathology Master’s Program?

If you want to submit an admission to the graduate program of FIU speech pathology, there are standard requirements that you need to fulfil. Some of them are:

A bachelor’s degree. Since this is a Master’s program, obviously those who want to enroll to this program need to have a bachelor’s degree first. The undergraduate program that will be accepted should be revolves around Speech-Language Pathology program, Speech and Hearing Sciences program, Communication Disorder program, or Communication Sciences program.

A 3.0 GPA. Those who would be eligible to enroll to the Master’s program of FIU speech pathology must have at least a 3,0 GPA in his or her undergraduate study.

25 Clinical Hours. Those who want to enroll to this Master’s program must complete the 25 clinical hours of observation of speech-language treatment. The documents or paperwork to prove the completion is needed.

Those are several things that you need to know about the FIU speech pathology Master’s program. The FIU speech pathology programs, whether it is the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, are all designed to create new professionals in the field of speech pathology. You will be one of them if you take the FIU speech pathology programs.