California Speech Pathology License and CCC-SLP Credential

California Speech Pathology License will allow you to practice as a pathologist in California. Just like other professions in medical field, an SLP has to be licensed by the authority of state licensing before they can practice according to their specialty. The process of licensing will help them to establish and maintain the licensure candidacy and practice’s standards that are considered as the high ones.

Besides, it assures public that the SLP has been through a series of process that involves the candidates who met the qualifications through education, examination, and also experience and California Speech Pathology License is also awarded by the authorized party.

Who determines the requirements?

There is a separated legislation on each state that could describe the requirements and process about becoming a licensed speech language pathologist.

Basically the license can be used in another state as long as the intern document is acceptable. But sometimes the local license will be needed if there is some kind of reciprocal process on the licensing itself.

SLP license is produced by each state independently.

The authority in most states is delegated to SPL and audiology board and it includes the experienced experts in the field. So, the board will do the evaluation for each candidate based on the individual thought. It is needed in order to ensure about the experience and basic educations are qualified.

But in some states, there are a specific department of licensing that will issue the credential. The department will also assess the qualifications of each candidate.

CCC-CLP Credential in licensing process

SLP has its own umbrella. It is a non-profit association that helps to set-up the standards of licensing as well as officially informs the best practice to the member. ASHA or the American Speech Language Hearing Association has established long before the licensing requirements imposed by the states.

The association offers the certificated named CCC-SLP that will be recognized nationally. But this certificate is considered as an optional license and not the main requirements in order to get the license of SLP from the state.

ASHA itself has the strong influence when it comes to the state’s licensing requirements over the years. The association also publishes the bills’ model, language, and laws of licensing. And basically, the qualification to achieve CCC-SLP is kind of exceeding the basic requirements of state’s licensing.

Requirements of CCC-SLP

It is considered as a pretty strict one. The candidates must:

· Possess the degree of master’s, doctoral, or other post-baccalaureate that is recognized in the field from institution that is accredited by ASHA.

· Meet at least the minimum number of graduate credit hour of semester includes the coursework for academic purpose and clinical experience with supervisor.

· Demonstrate knowledge of several communication standards.

· Complete at least 400 hours clinical experience with supervisor.

· Pass the Praxis Examination in national basis.

· Successfully finished the clinical fellowship SLP.

If you meet these requirements then you more likely to get the state’s license as well. But of course it will not be as much as CCC-SLP if you want to get California Speech Pathology License.