Best Speech Pathology Undergraduate Programs: All You Need to Know

Speech pathology undergraduate programs are the best choice for those who want to pursue career as pathologist. Students will be taught of how to cope with children or adults with speaking ability disorders. Beside the standard curriculum that all students of this program must learn, they also have to accomplish additional course works and join in series of practicum.

Speech Pathology: an Overview

Speech pathology is a field that has specialization in dealing with impairments in communication which include speech and speaking ability disorder, articulation disorders, and fluency problems. A pathologist is expected to help people with the disorders to improve their communication abilities. Students who study in speech pathology programs will learn how to understand various disorders in communication.

The students will be given standard curriculum of MS – SLP along with series of practicum and additional course works so they will not only get the theory of speech pathology but also real practices. There are some degree levels in speech pathology programs include bachelor, master, and doctoral degree levels. Students can choose to achieve the degree levels by attending classes in campus or through online.

Top speech pathology undergraduate programs

Degree in Speech Programs

It has been stated before that there are three levels of degree in speech pathology programs, they are bachelor, master, and doctoral degree. The three degree levels have their own special course works that different from one to another.

1. Bachelor Degree in Speech Pathology

In the bachelor degree level, students are given introduction about communication disorders and language process. In this level of degree, the students will have opportunities to explore and dig deep information about the development on both normal and abnormal hearing and speech. The degree can be accomplished within about 4 years of study. The course works that the students in Bachelor degree should accomplish include audiology, literacy development, phonetics, vocal mechanism, as well as brain and language.

2. Master Degree in Speech Pathology

The second degree level in speech pathology is master degree. In this level of degree students are expected to learn advanced and deeper knowledge in speech pathology include acoustic, psychology, and language development.

To differentiate it with practicum sessions conducted by students in bachelor degree, the students in master degree level should accomplished clinical hours in which they have to work with patients from all ages to get practical experiences. The typical courses that the students of master degree should accomplish are neuropathology, stuttering, language disorders, articulation disorders, and dysphasia.

3. Ph.D. in Speech Technology

Unlike the students in bachelor and master degree levels, the students in Ph.D. program are emphasized to focus their study on applied research and sciences. They should also involve in clinical studies by participating in hands – on learning experiences.

The students in this doctoral program should pass candidacy exams and make a dissertation on a relevant research. By joining in seminars or lectures, students can study about clinical administration, linguistics, grant writing, communication disorders, and sensory processes.

There are many career options available for the students of speech pathology undergraduate programs such as evaluator, treatment plan coordinator, language pathology assistant, and much more.