The Best Speech Pathology Schools for Master’s Program

Best Speech Pathology Schools especially for Masters’ program is needed by people who want to pursue career as speech pathologist. Yes, master’s degree is required for professionals in speech language pathology field although some careers need doctoral degree. Having the degree from the best schools will help a lot for building better career in this field. That is why knowing more about the best master’s program in speech language pathology in the United States will be needed. Here are some of the best options available.

Speech language pathology undergraduate programs

University of Iowa

At the top list, there is University of Iowa. It is the oldest public and space grant research institution of the state since it was built in 1847. The U.S. News stated this university as the first in Speech Pathology Program. Students can take Master of Art program in Speech Language Pathology to get ASHA accredited clinical training in this field.

Besides the school as well as non-school practicum, the students need to complete international service project located in Nicaragua or China. The research for thesis will take place in the Wendell Johnson Hearing Center.

Vanderbilt University

The next option which can be considered as Best Speech Pathology Schools must be Vanderbilt University. It is elite private institution which is also used for non-sectarian research institution located in Nashville, Tennessee. The U.S. News named the Vandy Medical Center as the 15th Best Medical School of America.

ASHA accreditation can be found for the M.S. program in Speech Language Pathology. The program offers specialty tracks in voice, schools, or early identification of children with hearing loss. The Bill Wilkerson Center for Otolaryngology becomes the location for clinical practice.

Purdue University

Purdue University is considered as flagship public institution for land grant research under the Morrill Act. This university is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. This university becomes the 21st most innovative schools in the country.

The speech language pathology program offers M.S. which is accredited by ASHA. There will be study plan which must be followed by students of this program of course. They can also join the Purdue’s NSSLHA chapter. They can study abroad in Zambia and enhance their experience in M.D. Steer Audiology Clinic.

University of Washington

University of Washington is the prestigious member of public AAU. It is placed in University District of Seattle. This university is mentioned by the U.S. News as the first medical school for primary care in the nation. The title offered for Medical Speech Language Pathology program is M.S. and it is offered using the community based clinical model.

This program has ASHA accreditation. For two years, the students will focus on treating the communicative disorders in pediatrics as well as adult. Students will work at the UW Speech and Hearing Clinic.

University of Pittsburgh

According to U.S News, University of Pittsburgh got 24th place among the top public schools in the nation. Speech language pathology program can be found within the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences with ASHA accreditation. The students will be prepared for audiological treatment. There will also be clinical practice including at Pitt Medical Center. Those are the Best Speech Pathology Schools.