Best speech pathology graduate programs

What You Should Know Before Choosing One of the Best Speech Pathology Graduate Programs Available-Choosing one from the many best speech pathology graduate programs might be difficult for you for many reasons, and it will be even harder if you do not know how and where to start to research about speech pathology graduate programs. In order for you to choose speech pathology graduate programs that suits your financial status and location, here are some things you need to consider before enrolling:

Speech pathology undergraduate programs

The basic of the basics

The common four years undergraduate programs usually prepare their students for graduate degree in speech pathology. You can, however, receive undergraduate degrees in other fields before applying to speech pathology studies, so it is not that restricting in a sense.

You should expect various admission requirements because speech pathology program is highly competitive. Mathematics and science should be your strongest selling point if you decide to enroll in speech pathology. After graduate from the study, you have to be licensed in order to practice in facilities and often times you are required to be at least master degree before doing the real job.

What you will learn over there

Speech language pathology, or also known as speech therapy, is a field of medicine where you are required to understand organ of speech and other organs that can affect speech abilities. Treatments and techniques in treating people with speaking disabilities will be taught when you enrolls in speech pathology programs.

When you already applied in bachelor’s program in speech language pathology, you should expect to have general education like computer science, statistics, and psychology.

The art of managing records is also important since a speech pathologist should record the progress of their patient and decide the best treatment based on the record. The main studies and courses in speech pathology are clinical phonetics, sound disorders, clinical practicum, childhood language disorders, and exceptional needs students.

So be sure to find from all the list of best speech pathology graduate programs a program that you think can help you grow the furthest because you will need all of those skills when you are making money.

How much will you get paid as a speech pathologist?

The statistic launched by U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that a speech pathologist can earn great amount of money when they do their job right. The median annual wage of this job as of May 2015 is $74,000, which is way above the wage of common office workers. For current decade, in the year 2014-2024, the Bureau expected to see somewhere around 21% increase for this job’s development.

If you only achieve undergraduates in speech pathology, however, you will have a more limited career option compared to those with higher educations since most of official professional practice has a master’s degree in their pockets. This rule of thumb applies in almost the entire states of the country (and basically everywhere around the world. A professor will always get paid more compared to an undergraduate, no?).

Can you take it to the next level?

If you decides to go for higher education in speech pathology after finished your undergraduate, take note that the master and doctoral programs are not available for everyone. You should pass certain requirements needed such as physical therapy and psychology skills. If you take undergraduate study in speech pathology, it is best to continue your way up into bachelor’s degree.

Keep in mind that most states across the country require you to have at least master’s degree to practice and get yourself a license, so put this into consideration when you are choosing one from the many best speech pathology graduate programs, okay?