Best ASHA Grad Schools in America

American Social Health Association graduate schools or ASHA Grad Schools are schools for students who want to study about the speech pathology program. This program is a program that will make someone become speech therapist or speech-language pathologist. Speech Pathologist is a medical specialist who handles children who have problems with speech delay.

Introduction to speech pathology program

Speech or speech language pathology (SLP) is a science that studies the behavior of normal / abnormal communication that is used to provide therapy in people with communication behavior disorders.

Communication behavior disorder is the ability of language ability, speech, sound, rhythm / fluency, so that patient can interact with environment naturally.

Abnormal language skills, speech, sound, rhythm / fluency occur due to disease, physical, psychological or sociological disorders. This disorder may arise during prenatal, natal or post natal periods. In addition, the cause can be from Heriditer, Congenital and Acquired.
Communication disorders are differentiated into speech disorders, language abnormalities, speech disorders, and abnormalities of rhythm / fluency.

Speech therapist or pathologist is someone who provides the program or therapy. A speech therapist has a domain that provides therapy for oral motor disturbances, speech articulation disorder, language disorder, sound disturbance, swallowing disorders and smooth rhythm disturbance. To become a speech pathologist then one must first take an education in a special school.

Speech pathology masters programs online

Best speech pathology schools

Currently there are many speech pathology schools that you can choose from. Here are some of the best ASHA Grad Schools that have the best score. Assessment is performed using a rating scale of 1 to 5.

1. University of Iowa

Department of speech pathology at the University of Iowa has a score of 4.5. This is the highest score that makes the department of speech pathology at the university the best speech pathology department. The University of Iowa is the premier research institution in the heart of the United States.

The university is world renowned for their balanced commitment to art, science, and the humanities. The university is home to the largest academic medical center in America.

2. Vanderbilt University

The department of speech pathology at Vanderbilt University has the same qualities as a similar department at the University of Iowa. As a research university that is located in Nashville, Tennessee, Vanderbilt University is a leading university in the terms of undergraduate teaching program, research, and post-graduate work placement.

3. University of Washington

The speech pathology program in the University of Washington has a value of 4.4. The University of Washington is one of two state universities in Washington.

The university has three campuses, each in Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma. Washington has 140 majors divided into 18 departments. Distinguished majors include majoring in Computer Science, Business, Medicine, Law, Architecture, and Engineering.

4. University of Texas

The speech pathology program in University of Texas earns a score of 4.1 which makes it one of the top 10 universities with the world’s best ASHA Grad Schools. The University of Texas has eight academic universities and six health institutions.