Best 3 Universities with Speech Language Pathology Master’s Programs

Speech Language Pathology Master’s Programs are the major designed for postgrad students. SLP itself is healthcare field that puts the focus on the disorders like communication and swallowing, development of language, and issues of cognitive related to language.

Patients with dementia may have experiences traumatic brain injury or a stroke or other serious conditions that affect their ability to communicate such as deafness and autism. And some of SLPs also works to help children in schools with speech impediments. And before they become a pathologist, they will need to finish Speech Language Pathology Master’s Programs.

Speech language pathology graduate programs by state

Here we have 3 universities that offer the best Master’s Program.

University of Texas

It offers Master of Science in Communication Disorders or COMD. The accreditation for this program was awarded since 1982 with 4.0 for the score of peer survey.

This master degree is one of institutions that lead the clinical and research about the related subject in the worldwide. It makes the university the home of the best graduate program for speech pathology as well.

Since the research and treatments are well-known internationally, the Callier Center also provides the candidates of SLP degree at UT Dallas with a lot of groundbreaking task every day in the firsthand exposure.

Matter of fact, the graduate students will frequently work together with the professors for a lot of important research in anything related to speech and communication. It includes the bilingualism and word productions to spectrum of autism disorder as well as language in neurobiological aspect.

The tuition is US 18,284 per year and the overall score for this university is 93 of 100.

University of Kansas

The program is MA in Speech-Language Pathology and it is the best number two on this list. This is very reasonable to look at the graduate program report about the outcome statistic of perfect students. Besides, the university offers a very affordable tuition fee. The score of peer survey is 4.1 and the accreditation year is 1965.

They give 98% for the average pass rate of Praxis exam, which is something outshine for the competitors. Other than that, 90% or all graduates already earned the degree in four semesters along with the summer term. The number is higher than other completion rates from many programs.

The candidates will complete more than 40 spanning clinical theory credit hours and 400 clinical hours. The besides the clinical theory, the students will also get the multicultural training and professional development as well.

The tuition is USD 16,786 per year and the overall score of this university is 94 of 100.

University of Wisconsin

There are clinical and non-clinical degrees offered by this university with MS in Speech-Language Pathology. However, both tracks share many things in common like research and clinical experience, certified teacher, and also requirements for similar course.

The tuition is USD 18,606 per year and the overall score is 100 of 100.

According to our list, you may choose one of the best ones from Speech Language Pathology Master’s Programs.