Beginner Guide for You Who Are Interested in Speech Pathologist Career

Today’s society has greater awareness toward their health quality compared people in the past. Therefore, we can say that the profession in healthcare field has become one of most promising profession, now. One of them is speech pathologist. This is one of the specialists in pathologist career path that you can try if you want. More than that, according to Speech Pathologist Bls data, this profession also has quite high salary. So, what is speech pathologist?

Speech pathologist job description

Understanding Speech Pathologist

Speech pathologist is an expert in diagnosing, treating, assessing as well as helping people who have problem with their language skill and communication skill. The problem here isn’t because they are lack of study and such. But, it is more about disorder that make their communication skill degraded. Speech pathologist or speech therapist mostly is dealing with children and adult that has communication and swallowing disorder. This problem is caused by many factors, from brain injury, autism to developmental delay.

What A Speech Pathologist Do?

According to Speech Pathologist Bls information, there are several duties that they must do. For example:

– They diagnose the severity of speech, language or swallowing disorder on patient,

– Identify the right treatment for patient,

– Create and applying the specific treatment for specific functional needs of patient,

– Teach the patient (adult or children) to keep their language skill, like maintain their voice or fluency in speaking their language,

– Assist patient to increase their skill in language, such as add more vocabulary, or helping them to improve their ability to create sentence, orally or written,

– Assist the children or adult that has swallowing disorder, to develop their muscle and strength to swallow,

– Provide consultation for individual and families to deal with the communication and swallowing problem.

Other than all those tasks, a speech pathologist also has important thing to do, which is keeping the record of what they do to patient as well as the billing information. This record will help them to track patient condition and choose right treatment plan for them.

The Field Where Speech Pathologist Work

According to Speech Pathologist Bls data, and when we look at the information above, this profession actually has many sectors where they can enter. They deal with adult as well as children, which give speech pathologist wider chance to try profession in many fields. For example, as pathologist in this language disorder, you can focus on specific age. This will give you chance to work on school, if you are focusing on children, or hospital. More than that, you also can choose to focus on specific program, such as communication or swallowing problem, or speech disorder that is caused by strokes or trauma.

However, what Speech Pathologist Bls presented is more specific. Here is the data of field where speech pathologist work.

– Education – 43%

– Offices specialize in speech therapy – 20%

– Hospital and healthcare – 14%

– Nursing and residential care facilities – 5%

– Private practice – 5%

Basically, you will have many chances to work in this field. And, the best of all, you also can find many schools and universities that provide the programs you can take to be a speech pathologist.