The Amateur’s Guide on Jobs: Speech Pathology Job Description

A lot of people may not know about what speech pathologist do, so let me tell you a little about speech pathology job description. What does a speech pathology do may be the first question that comes into your mind when you hear this job because this one is not a common job to hear. If you want to know more about the job description, read this article to its fullest and maybe you will be inspired to become one of them.

Speech pathologist job description and salary speech pathologist job description and salary

The simplest of speech pathology job description

Speech pathologist is a person who work for people that have trouble in swallowing, speaking, or understanding speech and help them to regain their speaking abilities. They may not be able to fully heal the disorder, but at the very least they can bring it close to what others call as normal. There are lots of factors that can cause speech problems, and those factors may include things like mental disability, stroke, overstress, and cranial injury.

Usually, people will come to speech pathologist if they have problems with their accent, mispronunciation, or if they got a lisp. A speech pathologist is a skillful worker that train individual with various tools and equipment to correct speech and often times work in medical environment such as hospitals, clinics, childcare centers (this one is the most common workplace for a speech pathologist), or as a private healer.

Speech pathologist should pay attention to every details. They have great abilities in noticing different tone or pronunciation even the slightest difference can be noticed by them easily thanks to their study. So it is best for a speech pathologist to work in tranquil environment so they can gain full focus to their patient’s speech.

Speech pathologist should be well organized because each patient has different problems with different note, so they should be able to separate and remember each patient. Aside from that, speech pathologist should be able to record the progress of their patient to determine what kind of treatment that work best for their patient.

How much does a speech pathologist get paid?

Based on the data from Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the field of speech pathology offer people with generous amount of money. As you may expect from a medical related job, there will be increasing demands in the future because the patients from baby boom generations, which were born around the middle of the 20th century, may have developed speech related disorders.

Alongside with the development in the field of neuroscience, this job becomes more popular in each year for those interested in language and medical world. After all, the combination of language and medical science can be enticing for some people

How long do they work?

Most people that work as a speech pathologist usually work for 40 hours a week, and often times forced to travel between facilities or home to work personally with their patients. The average salary per year for a speech pathologist is around $70,000 and it will be different based on the facility you work at and how much experience you already been through. It is better if you aim to work in nursing care facilities or hospitals since they offer greater salary compared to schools (like teachers, working in schools does not pay well, but at least people will see you as heroes).

Qualifications for the position, years of experience, and the number of related certificate you have oftentimes affect your wages. As time goes on, this job market will getting more interest from people and you should be able to compete by having an excellent training so you can be successful speech pathologist.

Alas, this article meets its end at this point. I do hope this speech pathologist job description can help you learn more about this sidetracked job because the world will always need a good speech pathologist.