The 5 Speech Therapist Degree Levels You Need to Know

Are you interested in taking Speech Therapist career path? If that so, you need to take programs that will give you Speech Therapist Degree. Speaking about speech therapy program, there are several levels that you may need to take. They are certificate, associate, bachelor, master and doctoral. Each of them need different requirement to finish. Here are some of explanations about those degree levels.

Certificate Level

This level can also be said as pre-professional program. Usually, you can get it on 2 years study, where you have to complete 20 to 35 credit hours in many different subjects. Most of subjects are basic subject in speech therapy program, such as speech disorder and communication. You also learn how to deal with the case and make documentation of it. Most of school will have course such as:

– Introduction to speech disorders,

– Language disorder rehabilitation,

– Children with speech disorder treatment,

– Patient behavior management,

– Clinical speech pathology practicum.

Associate Level

On this Speech Therapist Degree level, you will learn more about the theory in speech therapy field. Plus, you also have chance to apply your knowledge in the speech disorders case. Most of program will require you to assist licensed speech therapists. So, here you will know how to work in this field. The program will need around 60 credit hours and you may have coursework such as:

– Foundation of audiology,

– Multicultural communications,

– Vocal articulation,

– Speech disorders on special-needs children,

– Writing speech pathology reports.

Bachelor Level

This Speech Therapist Degreelevel is the preparation for you to be speech therapist or speech language pathologist. Basically, once you finish Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science for speech therapy degree, you are ready to work in this field. This level needs 120 credit hours to finish. On the other hand, this is also the degree you need to have, if you want to take the higher level of education (Master and Doctoral). In this program, you will learn about:

– Speech and hearing science,

– Phonetic linguistics,

– Rehabilitation of audiologic deficiencies,

– Language and vocabulary acquisition,

– Speech language pathology evaluations,

– Developmental speech disorders.

Master Level

This advanced level is preparation for you who want to be state-licensed practitioner in as speech therapist or pathologists. You will learn all aspects that you need in order to become fully knowledgeable and expert on this field. For example, you will learn about medical, cultural, communicative aspects of language, speech and many others. To finish this degree, you will need to take 30 to 55 credit hours. The course will usually about:

– Communicative neuroanatomy,

– Audiology research theory,

– Articulation deficiencies,

– Developmental linguistics,

– Language intervention,

– Phonetics and phonemics,

– Motor speech disorders.

Doctoral Level

This program focuses on the research in speech disorder. The credit hours are depending on the subject that you want to research. Mostly, in this program, you will take course like:

– Psychoacoustics,

– Speech perception,

– Cognitive linguistic science,

– Audiologic instrumentation devices,

– Speech disorder counseling,

– Neurolinguistics disabilities.

Those were some of Speech Therapist Degree level that you need to take. You can choose the level accordingly, to get the right position in your career. Of course, it will depend on how you work and study, to be able to finish them with good result.